Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weird Dream - Snoop Dog

In this dream, I was somewhere in Europe - it felt like a mix of London/Vienna. Three of us (two friends from high school, one of which was Shelley Creque) sat down in a cafe for lunch and talked. Then Snoop Dog came and sat w/ us, across from me. His entourage remained standing nearby. Without introductions, I inlcuded him in our conversation by asking, "So Snoop, do you believe in God or have you ever had any spiritual experiences?" (I'm pretty sure I was a missionary or something in the dream.) My friends were shocked that I would ask him that.  But he replied completely nonchalantly by saying the words to his rap song that was simultaneously playing in the cafe. Turns out, he had recently written and released a rap song addressing that very topic! He really is a deep thinker, you know. ;)

Unfortunately, I don't remember what his answer was.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should write snoop a letter and send him a Book of Mormon!!