Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bruises & Scrapes, But Still Alive

Ugh. I fell down the porch stairs today while holding Jason. Scary and painful. I was holding him in front of me and was at the edge of the top step, just about to go down when I somehow lost my balance. I think maybe he lunged forward to grab something, but the details are sketchy. When I started to loose my balance, my first instinct was to use my hands to catch myself. But I was holding Jason, so I quickly brought my arms back to keep holding him, but that made my balance worse. I fell forward - head first and sideways. I tucked Jason in close to me and tried to roll around him so I wouldn't crush him. Then tumble tumble tumble crash. There are probably 8-10 wooden stairs with cement at the bottom.
Somewhere along the way I had lost my hold on Jason and he came tumbling down behind me. So when I hit the cement and stopped rolling, I reached behind me to stop his rolling b/c I did NOT want him to crack his head open on the cement. He was crying/screaming. And was on the last step, on his tummy. I lifted him off the step and held him while I checked him for blood. None. Wow, what a blessing.
My body hurt everywhere. I kissed him and tried to comfort him as best I could amid my shaking and trying to breathe. He semi-calmed down fairly quickly; I could tell he wanted the bucket of dirt right in front of him, so pulling that to him did the trick. Haha. He's so tough - it amazes me. My shoulder, my elbow, my foot, and my head all got hit pretty bad. I hobbled us back in the house and checked myself out. Also no blood. Just lots of big scratches/scrapes, bruises, and a big goose egg on my head.
After we got inside, I stripped Jason down to further check for damage. Nothing but one long not-so-bad scrape on his forhead and a little red spot under his hair. That might be a goose egg tomorrow though, we'll see. And as soon as I let him go free, he was running and playing like nothing had happened.
Man am I grateful that Heavenly Father answered my prayer for safety today. Obviously he does every day since I'm still alive and well. But that fall could have been SOOOO much worse. No one died, no one was knocked unconcious, nothing broken, no need for stitches, no concussion. I feel so very blessed. I am so, so grateful that Jason is okay. So so grateful.
So grateful.
One lg one and one smaller one above it.

This is just to show the size of the goose egg.

This doesn't look that bad, but it's swollen and bruised.


Heather and Jake said...

Holy cow, that's scary and awful! I always have visions of that happening as I'm going down stairs with Cami...such a scary scary thought. I'm so glad you guys were ok, minus the nasty looking battle wounds you got! Hope they heal quickly, and I'm so glad Jason's ok too!

wendy said...

Oh Heidi! That looks so painful! How scary!! I' so glad you are both okay!

Heidi said...

Glad you're okay! Ouch. I slipped coming down the stairs the other day; you're not the only one!

Meg and Joe said...

Oh my goodness! Those are some serious battle wounds! I'm so glad it wasn't any worse!

Baby Sister said...

Just reading this made me cringe...I'm glad you're okay!!

Rob, Crystal and Asher Hinman said...

I am SOOOO glad you and Jason are okay! Asher has thrown himself forward a few times and it has thrown off my balance. Scary!

Good to know when going down stairs.

Marie said...

I'm so glad you both are ok! When Dave told us that you fell down the stairs outside I was thinking maybe just the one or two stairs in the front of your house. I was shocked when I found out it was your deck stairs! That is so scary...but amazing that you both are ok!

Tanya Michaelis said...

I'm so glad that Jason is okay, but you poor thing! I'm so sorry! It does remind me though of our porch accident when I was 5. As legend has it, the porch collapsed with Mom on it while she was holding 2 year old Patti. Mom ended up with a broken back and two broken arms and a long recovery. Patti had a few scratches. It's amazing what kids can survive unscathed! I'm glad it wasn't worse!

Heidi Perez said...

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes! Jason's injuries are all healed and mine are almost gone. :)