Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Words & Lots of Cuddles

Jason is now 15 months old. He can whistle and blow his nose!
Stats: 58% for weight and 93% for height
He is rambunctious and happy and strong-willed and affectionate. He's learned how to give hugs and kisses :). Oh, and he's very, very loud.
I often hear people comment: "He is just all boy!" He loves trucks and cars and motorcycles and airplanes and trains and lawn mowers - all of which he sees or hears regularly.
     potato (toe-toe)
     woof woof
     kitty (diddy)
     hi kitty (see above)
     ta da!
     uh oh.
     what (uht)
     elbow (eh-bo) (thinks elbows are hilaaaaarious)
     tie (learned the day the above tie pictures were taken)
     cheese (chz) 
     oh no.
     this! (dis!) (says vigorously a million times in a single day while pointing)
     vroom! (vvvvvv)
He also folds his arms for prayers and knows some sign language: food, tiger, bear, more, duck, and lion.

p.s. Recommendation: You can see the pictures better/bigger if you click on them.

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Karisha Browning said...

Heidi he is so cute!