Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mae Bean Hinman

I LOVE my Grandma Hinman. And I miss her immensly. She was so incredibly witty and quick and active. She was 92? when she had a heart attack and died, but was on her way to get her driver's licence renewed when it happened. And if she had gotten there, she probably would've passed.
She was the first woman to serve a mission in mainland Europe. (France and Belgium, I believe.)
When she came home, she was a secretary to Laurin Hinman, a fiesty man of 5'7". Grandma was still at least 5'10" when she passed away. A mutual friend and business man of theirs, and a member of Mae's ward, gave Laurin a copy of the Book of Mormon. He read it, knew it was true, and got baptized. After that, EVERYone wanted them to date and marry. Someone sent him tickets to some event, two tickets, with the stipulation that he had to bring Mae.
They later got engaged, and married 3 weeks after that. Grandma married a man shorter than she was, a high school drop-out, who had been divorced, and was a convert who couldn't yet take her to the temple.
She called him Lorny and he called her Mae-day.
Prior to their courtship, in a letter to her sister, she wrote, "I have the nicest boss. Too bad he's shorter than a parking meter."
She also once said, when depressed, she feels "shorter than a duck's instep."
She climbed to the top of Mt. Hood once. Said it scared her out of her wits. Some years later, she did it again. Why? She said she wanted to know if she could ever be that scared again!
After her husband passed away, some 20? yrs before her, she told him that he couldn't come to take her until after the turn of the millenium. She died in 2001. :)

And this isn't about Grandma, but it's along the same humor-lines:
"The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on my list."

p.s. Grandpa Hinman, although a high-school drop-out, still got a degree in Electrical Engineering.

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