Friday, April 8, 2011

Crafting Lately - Painted Glass Jars

Painted jars w/ fake ranunculus flowers

At first I thought I'd use only Schmucker's jam jars b/c I have a ton of those (love pb&j's). But they turned out to be kinda blah. Next up: SPAGHETTI JARS. Spaghetti jars, turns out, have really cool engraved words under the paper. I can't remember which brands I've used so far, but I like the higher quality spaghetti sauce, like Bertolli & Barilla.
Step 1: Clean jars and SOAK to remove labels. I tried GooGone, but soaking really worked much better.
Step 2: Paint! ...actually not as simple as it would seem...
I bought two different brands of acrylic paint. The small (3-ish oz) bottles work  better for some reason. Squirt about a Tbsp of paint in the bottom of the jar and then add water, A LITTLE AT A TIME. Then figure out some way to mix the paint and water together. If I had those cheap kids watercolor brushes, that's what I would have used. But (ha) I used chopsticks. :) That didn't work so well. Haha *shrug* Na ja (said like 'ya').
The consistency should be such that when you turn the jar, the paint moves easily but not fast. If it's too thick, it'll take...forever? coat the jar. And you don't want to be turning the jar for that long. This is the tricky part - getting the right consistency. The only other "tutorials" I found for doing this made it sound so easy. Maybe it's supposed to be? but it wasn't for me. Maybe it was just the stupid big bottle of acrylic. Anyway, I mixed some white in w/ two of the green jars and kept one pure green to get three different colors of green. I like it.
Step 3: Turn jar repeatedly and let the paint swirl all around the inside. Once the paint has covered every inch of the inside, tip upside-down over newspaper, and let the extra drip out. This is where chopsticks actually do work well. If you set the jars on chopsticks (or something similar) it keeps the paint from gluing the jar to the newspaper.
Step 4: Let dry.
Step 5: Get an old rag wet and go over the rim of the jar to wipe off any unwanted paint from the top and outside.
(Steps 4&5 might be interchangeable, or you might want to do step 5 during step 4.)
Step 6: Fill the jars or just display as is. If you buy fake flowers, cut using wire cutters to desired lengths. I didn't measure or anything b/c I wanted them to be randomly different heights.

-Vintage-y flowers: ranunculus, lisianthus, hydrangea, button mum, spider mum, allium
-Modern/Exotic flowers: cala lily, protea, spider mum, orchids, anthurium, bird of paradise, bells of Ireland, iris
-Cottage-y flowers: daisy, hydrangea, button mums, lisianthus, daylily, gerber daisy, sunflower, delphinium, snapdragon, lilac, aster, tulip, hypericum, mini rose


wendy said...

I love those! I have a bunch of glass jars I'm working on getting flowers for in my basement office window. This will be cute!

Oh, and ranunculus is one of my all time favorite flower. Beautiful!

wendy said...

p.s.--cute new blog look!!