Monday, January 2, 2012


I told my Primary class that I'd make them all scarves and they got to tell me what color they'd like. Well, actually, I made the mistake one day of telling one of the girls that I made the scarf I was wearing. So she asked me to make her one, too. But I couldn't just make one for her because I didn't want the other kids in the class to feel bad if they found out. So I've been busy making scarves in the evening after Jason goes to bed. And here they are: (I have one left to make for JJ, but I'll just post a picture later.)

Each one is slightly different, mostly along the edges.

I love the pattern on the ball of left-over yarn. Kind of fish scale like.
For Megan:
Size N needle w/ regular craft-type yarn.
For Autumn:
size N w/ thicker yarn
For Anne:
For William:
Size J needle
For Neil:
N w/ thicker yarn. "Watch" shape
For Katelyn:
For Kelly:

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wendy said...

I finally am taking time to more than just SKIM blogs today. These scarves are darling! Your class surely loved them! I hope you had a great Christmas!