Thursday, January 5, 2012


1. He loves peanut butter and ketchup more than ... life itself?
Christmas morning

2. He's still eats a lot, but has become pickier (boo): doesn't like the texture of most meat (with the exception of chicken nuggets and hot dogs), won't eat lettuce-y things or skinny/stringy things like matchstick carrots for example (with the exception of string cheese).

3. He now requests "DEE-ssert" "tandy" and "tweats" regularly.
And Opa loved to give him whatever he wanted.

4. He can sing the entire ABC song (only omits "L" I think). But ever since he learned the ending, he skips T-X. So it goes like this towards the end: "Q R S, Y Z.  Now I ABC's. Net time wo seen me." :) So cute. And if I try to insert T U V, he just starts over!

5. He repeats so much of what I say now.

6. He loves when people tell him Happy Birthday (since he just turned 2).

7. He surprised me by singing the Happy Birthday song the day after.

8. He somehow knows what fire is (maybe from birthday candles??) and calls the blanket w/ red swirls on it "fire". :)

9. He can say 1-10, but not usually in order. It usually goes "2, 3, 9", but it's getting a little better. And today he surprised me by saying 14.

10. The morning after Grandma & Grandpa left, when he kept saying "Oma! Opa! Oma! Opa!..." and I told him they were gone, he said in a sad voice, "I LOVE Oma Opa." And the next day when he wanted them again, he commanded me to, "Find Oma Opa." Aww!

11. His favorite toy right now is the car that he can sit in while I push and the plastic drill that works like a real drill. I didn't even know I should include "Mechanic / Carpenter" on the list of what he might be when he grows up. :)
Drill in action
Below: I had to drill through slippery plastic with no pilot holes to put that blasted car together! And see that yellow thing under the basketball hoop? Couldn't get it on b/c of the slippery plastic and crazy angle that they wanted me to drill the screws in. What kills me - they suggest a screw driver for all of it! Seriously?!? That would take some crazy muscle and precision to do w/o a drill. And with the few large holes that were already there, Jason used to stick other toys in. One toy drill bit and his pencil are forever trapped inside the car since I didn't realize they were in there until after. All things considered, I'm pretty proud of my handywork. :)

12. He's really good with the cats. Other than liking to see them run when he screams as high-pitched as he can. lol. Or chasing them just for fun. The other day when Kitten regurgitated some cat food, he said, "Kitty mouth poop". Lol - pretty acurate actually...

13. The garbage truck in action scares him and makes him cry! :( So sad!


wendy said...

Cute!! Happy Birthday, Jason!!

Krista said...

Can't believe he's two already. You will love this next year. I love 2-3. It seems they are little sponges soaking up everything. I love how much they learn in that year.

Heather and Jake said...

Cute post with cute pics and lots of fun info to remember! You're a good mommy. I didn't know Jason turned 2 already- crazy! Glad you had fun with your parents here for Christmas, and holy cow I'm so impressed with all those scarves you made for your primary class! Hope it's going well in the presidency and getting a little easier. :) Hope to see ya sometime soon chica!

Daniel and Elise said...

This is hilarious! Looks like you guys had a great holiday! I loved the "kitty mouth poop" and that he's scared of the trash truck! Poor little guy! Joey is still nervous about the vacuum :)

Heidi said...

Yeah... the mouth poop comment was hilarious! I can't believe Jason is so grown up. So sweet.