Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 Yr Stats & Song Explosion

Almost 30 lbs - 62.6 percentile
A tad over 36" - 95.7 percentile

So he's tall and averaged weight. And about 15% of kids his age are the same way (BMI).

Lately Jason's been singing a lot. Songs I didn't know he knew. Songs I'm pretty sure I've never taught him. It finally occured to me - nursery!

Bits and pieces of:

- Once There Was a Snowman
- Jingle Bells
- ABC's (I did teach him that one)
- I Am a Child of God (taught him this one too)
- Wheels On the Bus
- Horsey Horsey (and this one, but it's been a while, and it's just now resurfacing in his mind!)
- Itsy Bitsy Spider
- Do Re Mi (from listening to Sound of Music songs on pandora)

Also - it must be some form of shyness that he was born with - he does NOT like other people (other than his mom or dad) to see him cry. He covers his face or turns away! Usually if there are other people around and he's really crying, they'll try to distract him or try to make him feel better, but it just makes things worse. It's kinda sad and weird and interesting. It just started a few months ago. And it's not like I go around crying or covering my face, so it must just be something that humans are born with - not liking others to see us weak and vulnerable.

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