Friday, March 11, 2011

Weird Dream

Warning: this may be a little sacrilegious, but it was just a crazy dream, so please don't be offended.

Last night I dreamed that Andy Bernard (aka Nard Dog) had been called by President Monson to be an apostle (one of the 12, I believe), and gave a "talk" in General Conference.
Yep, Andy, from The Office.
It seemed that he stood up to speak on a whim, not as one of the scheduled speakers. I guess the Spirit just got him so excited, that he had to stand up. He was wearing turquoise little kid gloves. And he started out by saying that he was shocked by the call to be an apostle (I think this part was his "testimony" part). He then paused for an emotional moment, then went over to the pulpit (because before he was just standing in front of his chair), and proceded, out of nervousness and a realization of what he had just gotten himself into by standing up, to tell jokes or little anecdotes.
It was all very strange to me, and I kept looking at President Monson, thinking, "I bet you're regretting calling him to be an apostle now!" and "Aren't you going to stop him? Make him sit down or something?" and "Are you sure that calling was through revelation?" But it all had something to do w/ a correlation between Andy being an apostle and Judas Iscariot being called as an apostle in Christ's time.

Last night (before bed and this dream) I was debating whether to watch an episode of The Office or to watch a GC talk. I watched a conference talk. Then I planned a little for my Primary lesson by reading in the NT - and at one point, thought about Judas Iscariot's calling as an apostle.

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I think you need to lay off the curry and tofu. It is obiviously messing with your head.