Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chalkboard Fridge

Had a stroke of genius the other day. (At least, I think it was genius.) Painting your fridge w/ black chalkboard paint! Kiddies the world over would love it. Chalkboard paint is the coolest invention, ever. And if I had a large, blank wall, this is what I'd do w/ it.

Sorry, I don't remember where I got this picture from.

My parents were telling me about my cousin-in-law's remodel and how he painted the fridge white. "Have you ever heard of painting a fridge!?" they asked. No! And that's when the idea struck. :)

Later, I looked online for "chalkboard fridge". Apparently, I'm not the first to come up w/ this great idea. BUT the pictures I found were not what I was envisioning. Some used the old-school green chalkboard paint on their fridge... yuck. And another used the paint on the entire fridge, all the way around. No me gusta. I'd use it just on the front, I think. And in black chalkboard paint. And if my fridge were initially white (which it currently is), I'd do the other sides in plain black paint. Matte, I think, to match the matte finish of the chalkboard front.


Rob, Crystal and Asher Hinman said...

Did you know that they make chalkboard paint in light green, pink, purple and blue now?

Love the idea.

Anonymous said...

Fun Idea! I want to use magnetic paint in the play room and make a wall magnetic so that Emma can hang up all her pictures and school work with cute magnets that we could make. I wonder if they make wipe board paint????