Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bird Graveyard & Other Cat Happenings

I would love to let Jason run free in our fenced-in backyard (much safer than the front yard), but Kitten & Elvis seem to have started a dead bird collection by the porch. A few days ago there was one. Today there's a fresh one. And when I went outside to show Jason something, Kitten pounced on another little bird. I ran after her to stop her, but the bird seemed to already be injured somehow. With Jason in one arm, I was able to keep our two cats at bay, grab Kitten by the nape of the neck, and put her inside. Then I set Jason down and went back out to get Elvis. The little bird was now hiding in a bush, and Elvis was batting at it. I was able to coax him away w/ cat treats and bring him inside, too. Hopefully the little thing will be able to get to a safer place and recover. But the cats are definitely staying inside for the rest of the day.

In other cat news, Elvis jumped onto our back neighbors roof this morning. He went from the porch railing to the roof in one giant leep. I wondered if he'd be able to get down w/o any assistance, but he did!
Can you spot him?

Just relaxing.

Now on the upper roof. Can you spot him this time?

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Heather and Jake said...

That's funny that you have cat adventures. I would love to get a dog, but my husband is adamently opposed, so I'll have to wait till the kids are old enough to convince him. :)

In reply to your comment, yay for the zoo! That'll be so fun. I'll let you know if/when we get our membership so that we can go for free. Probably June-ish. And YES, I am going to the reunion, so yay, hopefully we'll see you there and Cami and Jason can play!