Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Book of Mormon, The Broadway Musical

No joke. The two producers of South Park have made a Broadway musical comedy titled The Book of Mormon.
Heard it on NPR today.
Neither of them are or ever were LDS, but they think Mormons are a great source of material - the "American Religion", naively optimistic, unusually friendly, etc, etc. The musical is NOT a retelling of the stories w/in the BoM through song, but it sounds more like a non-LDS, R-rated version of The RM or Other Side of Heaven. It's about two missionaries in Uganda - one straightlaced, the other not so much. I don't know much detail other than that and that there are lots of f-bombs and LOTS of offensive, sacrilegious things. The producers haven't released ANY pieces of the music because they think it would be "too vulgar out of context". And if they think it's vulgar, I can't imagine what most Mormons would think.
The Church has released this statement: "The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but the Book of Mormon, as a volume of scripture, will change people's lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ."
The producers called the Church's statement "BRILLIANT!" And said it just made them like Mormons even more. :) Aah, I love this Church. :D

p.s. One LDS New Yorker comedian said she thought it was funny and that even though it has all that low humor and makes light of spiritual things, in the end, it has a good moral to the story. (I paraphrased, liberally.)
Isn't that how Satan works? Makes something bad seem ok?  My favorite quote from an EFY speaker, refering to a plate of spaghetti: "There's only just a little bit of poop in it!" Why not! Dig right in. :/


Baby Sister said...

Wow...they've hit a new low.

Megan and Joe said...

My heart broke a little when I read about that musical. People can be so disrespectful of other's faith.