Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I KNOW these people!

So exciting!! Mormon.org is featuring people I know from my mission!!!! Helmut Wondra and Jetta Lersch! They're from the Wien (Vienna) ward I served in for 6 months! (I think Helmut is from that ward. He and his wife look familiar, but all the Wondra's look alike, so I could be wrong on that account... but I don't think so.) I even have a picture of Jetta and I think I have one of her sister (who you can see w/ her husband, a great photographer, in one scene, but you wouldn't know it unless you knew them). So cool! And I loved seeing all my old places! SIGH! How I miss living there. Visiting just isn't the same.

p.s. If you're reading this, without watching mormon.org, Jetta is pronounced with a 'y' - like Yetta.

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Baby Sister said...

That's cool. :) They did one from Spain the other day and it totally made me miss my mission.