Sunday, November 13, 2011


This is kind of a silly post, since it's just about me, but I wanted to write it down, and this is the place. I was thinking recently about some of my friends and how I'd describe them to someone who didn't know them. Then I asked Stephanie how she would describe me. Here's what she said (i.e. texted):
"honest; goofy in an endearing way; open to hearing others' opinions, but unyielding about those things where you believe applies an absolute higher moral law [that is very true]; wholly faithful and dedicated to anyone or anything you trust; detail and aesthetically aware; and give off a unique but groovy vibe of what can only be described by my own oxymoronic term of a modern, straight-laced hippie."

Haha! I love that last part. Stephanie, as you can probably tell, is very good at wording things :). Which is one of many reasons why I like her. Our discussions are usually very thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating. :)

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Baby Sister said...

She nailed you!! That's perfect. :)