Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Erin (#1)'s Wed. + Wall Art

As I recently mentioned, my friend Erin (or as I lovingly call her - Drin ... thank you text autospelling) got married in sunny San Diego. Stephanie, Erin, and I met in September 2001, our freshman year, in DT, 'T' hall, 4th floor :). Then sophomore year we all lived in The Colony apartments, along with several of our other friends from the 4th floor.
Emily (another 4th floor friend) + bun in
the oven, Steph & baby, Erin, and me
Obviously, we've kept in touch over the last decade, and Stephanie & I were so excited to hear she was getting married. We HAD to be there.
Erin w/ the new hubs. He BAWLED through
through the sealing. Aww!! :)

And luckily, even though San Diego down to the Mexican border lost ALL power the night before, they got it back on in time for us to fly in the next morning and for Erin to get married without ever knowing about it :).

A CARAMEL fountain!!

There HAD to be fruit - it's California!

Wedding favors - cupcake-esque cake balls

The hottest trend - a cupcake cake!

Steph with her baby, and me.

Such a beautiful gown.
Their reception was a BLOCK AWAY FROM THE BEACH at Laguna Bay (I think). Thank you! So Stephanie & I changed into our suits and walked on down to the coast :). It was a bit chilly, actually, as it was September and the sun was setting. But it was still so so relaxing. I fell asleep with the sound of crashing waves all around me. :) Ahh.

On our way back to the reception center, I saw this cute little beach shop and snapped some photos through their closed-for-the-day glass doors for a few diy ideas:

Love that last one-
You have my whole heart for my whole life.
Love You Madly


Daniel and Elise said...

Sounds like fun! I love weddings!

I love how you post links to NPR, I like to listen to them. I'm excited to hear the one with Dick Van Dyke :)

Krista said...

I love seeing friends I haven't seen in awhile. How fun you were able to make it down for her wedding. Your hair looks super cute!