Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jason's Vocab Explosion

These words and combinations of these words, like, "Out kitty!" and "dirty bum" to name a few.

Various animal words (as well as other animal sounds): woof woof, bah bah, nay nay, moo moo, duh duh...duh duh (a shark), hop hop

tie, bee, two, eight, now, hi, wow, toe, eye, bum, wee wee, knee, oma, opa, baby (calls himself baby), momma, dadda, hat, hot (sometimes hat & hot sound the same, but he knows the difference), on, off, out, no, yeah, dino, up, down, oh boy, oh my!, Noah

Nephi - (nee-pie)
more - (mo!)
bike - (bipe)
ball - (ba-w)
pillow - (pi-wo)
kitty - (diddy)
toy - (doy)
hand - (han) or more like "on" w/ an "h"
back - (ba)
neck - (ne)
nose - (no)
elbow - (e-bo)
bib - (bih)
potato, tomato - sound the same, but he knows the difference
pepper - (pep-o)
milk - (ma)
apple - (app-o)
peas - (pea)
banana - (nana) or (manana) and sometimes (ba-nana)
cheese - (tsz)
dirty - (do-dee)
table - (tay-bo)
bottle - (bah-bo)
bowl - (bow), pronounced like a hair bow
plate - (pay)
mosquito - (o-dee-doe)
turtle - (toe-doe)
owl - (ow-o)
more - (mo)
please - (pee)
hello - (he-wo??) He only says "hello" if he holding something up to his ear, and then says it like a question
both - (bo-d)
oopsie - (oop-y) Possibly my favorite
three - (dee)
five - (fie)
nine - (ny)
ow (or ow-wa as I say) - (ow-wa)
yellow - (ye-wo)
blue - (boo)
purple - (pu-po) This is his word for grapes
all done - (ah done)
bottle - (baa-bo)
diaper - (dy-po)
poop - (poo poo)
tooting/toots - (doot)
potty - (poddy)
sneeze - (neee)
zebra - (za-za)
rhino - (i-no) So cute 'cause it sounds like he's saying "I know"
hipo - (ippo)
umbrella - (a-la-la)
vroom vroom - (va va)
vacuum - (deee!!) Who knows why
pretty - (piddy)
towel - (tow-wo)
turning - (do-nee)
water - (wa-wa)
sneeze - (neee)
ring - (een)
snow - (sss no)
book - says it like book, without the "k"
broom - (booom!! booom!!)
Ava, Emma, Abby (sorry, the boys' names are harder for him, but we'll work on it ;)

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