Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Carnival & Trunk or Treat

I have a new calling - I'm in the Primary Presidency. (For those unfamiliar with Mormon lingo, that means I'm in charge of certain aspects of our local church children's organization [18 mo-12 yrs]. Me and three other women.) I have mixed feelings about this new calling. Foremost, I really miss teaching the 7 & 8 year old sunday school class. I love those kids!! Man I miss teaching them. Teaching in any form is my possibly one of my favorite things. Luckily, I'll still get to teach every once in a while with my new calling, just on a slightly bigger scale. Also, I feel totally inadequate and overwhelmed. But I suppose those are normal feelings for almost any new calling.

Anyway, we have the Primary Program coming up (where the children sing and speak and sing and speak for the hour of our local church's main meeting) as well as the Halloween Carnival & Trunk or Treat. [Big things, lots to do.] For the Halloween activity, I've put together some cute signs and flyers that I want to share :).

Obviously I still need to fill in the address part.
Highlighted so I don't forget.
For the pictures behind the words: pictures from google image searches. Then in Picasa, I used the "Glow" Effect, which made them gray. Then in Word, I inserted a picture. Right clicked on the picture, and under Text Wrapping, chose "Behind Text", then moved it to where I wanted it and made it the right size.

Lanyards (we'll hang these around the kids necks and then when they go to the various activity stations, we'll punch a whole next to that one, so we know where they've been already and what they should go to next):
Don't know why those are blacked out...

Signs for the room doors:
To be made in the shape of a ghost.
Opted for a non-spooky font so they won't
think it's a scary halloween movie.
Face Painting Ideas (for the kids to pick from):
The blacked out one was a witch's hat.
I got all of these by doing google searches for things like "halloween skeleton outline". And some were solid black (like that witch on the broom) so instead of using tons of black ink to print them out, I used Picasa and then clicked on the "Edit in Picnik" option. From there, under "Effects" I chose "Invert" and then "Pencil Sketch".


Adelaide said...

I LOVE trunk or treating. I'm excited to see how it goes. It's already looking really god. Please post pictures of the big day!! Do the youth in your ward put on a spook alley? that was also my favorite

Anonymous said...

OHH great ideas! I am stealing them all....just so you know.