Monday, October 31, 2011


A few pictures from the church Halloween Carnival & Trunk or Treat:
face painting station

craft station
The craft station was this idea:
from Martha Stewart

from Simply Creative Insanity
But instead of cheese cloth, we used white plastic grocery bags that the kids cut up and then put the balloons on balloon stick thingys, so they were kind of like balloon wands.
Yep, their mom MADE all their costumes. Not pictured above was their brother... was he Luke?? I can't remember. She told me she'd put them up on Pinterest soon, so you should see better pictures of it all there.

I don't let Jason have sweets very often (he's crazy and rambunxious enough without sugar), with the exception of fruit or a few bites of an occassional dessert. But at the Halloween party, he had:
some doughnut
some cupcake
a laffy taffy
a milky way bar
& one other candy thing
He cried almost all night that night.
Never. ever. again.

He went trick or treating tonight, but was not allowed to eat any candy. Sadly, though, he is still sobbing terribly in his crib right now. Why? Because for some inexplicable reason he decided not to take a nap today. Translation - CRANKY! Oh, and I forgot to put his blanky in the drier, so he has a substitute one, which is NOT okay with him. Oh and he can hear kids knocking at the door and saying "Trick or Treat!!" so he understands that there's fun stuff going on without him. Poor guy.

Here are some cute pictures of him from the Halloween party.
with his favorite neighbor friend

green scales with fire coming out his nose

The tail was a GREAT way to keep him running away from me.

He is saying "OFF! OFF!" to me, so I'll open the wrapper.

note the laffy taffy in his mouth

wearing someone else's helmet
Ah, the sobbing has stopped. As have the trick or treaters. It's only 7:45! Back home we weren't done till 9:30 at least! But I'll take it, especially since it means Jason will sleep :).
Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

I have coined this type of behavior as "Halloween Hangover." For my girls, they are fine the night of, but the next day, the sugar is processing through their system and it is like they are a crack addict in Detox. Not pretty. I give them TONS of water to flush it through thier system. They are back to normal in about 24 hours. Just think, soon we will have Christmas and they will get sweets and toys! Its like a peppermint candy nightmare.

Rob, Crystal and Asher Hinman said...

I think all the Hinman boys must have been thinking alike. Asher was also a dragon, and I bet Franklin George Hinman (my name suggestion for Allie) was also a dragon in her tummy.

You could do what my parents did. We were allowed to eat all the candy we wanted the first night. I'd eat all of mine, throw up, and then have none left.