Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The green, much to my dismay, wasn't working out. So after several more coats of white and gray and green and white again... trying to make it look right, I decided to start over. No green this time :(. The silestone was so pretty. I wish I could recreate it w/ paint, but it's just not working.

Trying to take off all these layers of paint, without an electric sander, is going to take a lot of time and work, though. (I gave myself a blister last night working on its removal.) So I'm going to move on to the next piece of counterspace - the island - and work on paint removal from the first piece a little at a time.

Even though my original idea didn't work out, I did learn how to get the look I want. Now I'm ready to tackle the other areas w/o having to worry and constantly reassure myself with, 'Just keep going. It'll all turn out and look good in the end. Just keep going.'
Last night's removal efforts


Tanya Michaelis said...

If you like doing house projects a sander may be worth it. A cheap one is about $30. David bought one while refinishing our kitchen table. It makes it much less traumatic if you goof. Best of luck!

Patti said...

I'm impressed that you're taking this project on. I hope I'll get to see it! You can do it

Andrea said...

We have an electric sander you can borrow, actually two of them. one hand and one belt.