Friday, July 22, 2011

DI remake

This is from a few months ago, when I was on a spray-paint-everything-white kick. Found this at the D.I. in a traditional red. Red was my favorite color when I was little, and it's been pretty popular in kitchens, but it's just not my thing. White is now my thing. So this got painted white.
I also wanted a place to put my purse (instead of just on a counter stool), so I attached 3 COMMAND hooks to the back. They face the wrong direction, but it's all good.

p.s. There are also 3 tea light candles as part of the frame. I'll probably never use them, but they just add a touch of interest.

1 comment:

Daniel and Elise said...

I like white, too! Your project looks great :)
I just got caught up on your past posts and read the one about Jason hitting. Joey did that, too. The time-out in his room works well for him. But if he's just hitting lightly, I will turn it into a high five, like that other mom suggested. But Joey hates being away from me, so putting him in his room by himself works well for him. I've heard you give them a time out for a minute for each year old they are. So Joey's time out's are for 2 minutes.
Anyway, I hope he gets the message :)