Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Painted Counters - Chapter 2

And I'm back, bringing you more of the sad tale 'o counters.

Once I realized that this textured, lumpy, bumpy, too-gray counter was a hopeless cause, I lost all motivation to do anything with it.

The next step was to remove all those layers of paint, but that was the same hurdle I didn't want to get over the first time I messed up (here). So it sat looking all crazy for a loooong, long time. Like 8+ months long. Finally, I mustered up the courage to tackle it. (I think I was anticipating some my parents coming to visit and wanted to have made some progress since the last time they had seen it.) Enter KleanStrip.

It's an earth friendlier paint remover. Still a little fumey and not something you want to get on your skin, but better than other options. I just painted it on, waited, and then scraped off the paint.

You can see that this method doesn't take the paint off clean. I had to apply layer...

after layer...

with tons of scraping each time...

(it was tacky-sticky and kinda gross)... until I finally had this:

Green counters again. I felt pretty accomplished. The edges were the worst. A flat scraper doesn't do rounded edges well at all. Somewhere on the internet, though, I came across the idea of using one of those fake credit cards that companies send in the mail to do rounded edges. They bend, but they're stiff enough to scrape and not just fall apart. Worked like a charm.

More to come!

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