Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mis Representation

I am thrilled, excited, grateful, relieved to hear someone FINALLY address this issue. A woman's WORTH IS NOT BASED ON THEIR BEAUTY, SENSUALITY, SEX APPEAL. And it is an ABSOLUTE LIE the media spoon-feeds us that women are powerful when they exploit their bodies. In fact, we become powerLESS when we become objectified. And I would say virtually ALL shows and movies propogate the lie. I can't watch much anymore without being incredibly offended by the way women are portrayed and the message it sends to other women & girls as well as men & boys.
(Thankfully, most of the Food Network shows are unoffensive.)

So that's my soapbox. Here's what I'm referring to in the first sentence above. PLEASE, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS!

*KUER, an offiliate station of NPR, did an interview with Jennifer Siebel Newsom about her documentary, "Mis Representation". Here's a quote from the above link: "Siebel Newsom's documentary explores how women are portrayed in the media and the very real consequences this has on leadership in our society. Siebel Newsom says her film is meant to be what she calls a 'change agent for our culture.' It's a change she says will empower women and help America's productivity, creativity and bottom line."
There are also related links at the above link for ways to get involved. Please do so! I think this is REALLY important.


wendy said...

YES!! I so agree. Even (or maybe especially) many of the old John Wayne movies are atrocious the way they portray women . . . yes means no, it's okay to force a kiss, etc., etc. though perhaps not such an emphasis on sexuality, still demeaning messages.

I just learned that Geena Davis started an organization to change the way women and girls are portrayed in the media, too.

Shunta said...

Hi Heidi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog today to check out the curtain project!! ;-)