Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hypermiler Hypermiling

Ever heard of this?? I hadn't. Until...yesterday? I think. It was on NPR (of course). Interesting stuff about how to get the most gas out of your car. Or maybe I should say how to KEEP the most gas in your car / how to take the LEAST gas out of your car. Here's a handy link for more info, tips, and tricks:

Stuff like, don't wait till the last second to break for a red light, try to keep your RPM's under 2, anticipate hills by accelerating BEFORE the hill so your car doesn't have to accelerate up the hill and work harder, remove excess weight from your car (I guess I should take that vacuum out of my trunk...), etc. Lots more tips at the site.

Some people take it to an extreme, which can be dangerous. So don't do that. And sometimes it'll irritate other drivers, but if it saves you hundreds of dollars every year in gas, it might be worth it. I know I'm definitely going to try some of their suggestions.

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