Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stools, Comfy Stools part III

Drumroll please! Final assembly!

Before I gave in and added vinyl, I assembled a few of the cushion/stools, like so:

And things were looking up. Until I realized that waterproofing spray wouldn't protect the fabric from dirty cat paws and dirty little hands and whatever dirtyness I bring to the table cushions. Unfortunately, the new fabric and batting fabric stuff all folded and stapled was already creating a minor problem with thickness underneath, making the screws juuuuust barely long enough to reach into the plywood. I knew with vinyl added, the old screws wouldn't cut it.

See how the fabric was creating a gap? That's because the screw wasn't quite long enough to really dig into the plywood. So I bought some longer plywood screws (sadly, they didn't have any in the same oil-rubbed bronze color) to use after the vinyl went on.

They worked like a charm. And no matter that they're gold, 'cause they're hidden underneath our bums.
Done outside so as to not wake Jason up.

Ahhhh, so so nice to be DONE.
(On some of them, I forgot to check where to place the pattern before I screwed it into the chair. oops. Na ja. Oh well.)

That last one, see how the back bars are kind of squished into the seat cushion? Kind of like back fat. Well, I noticed it before putting the vinyl on, so I took out all the staples and trimmed off more foam and then restapled and vinyled. Bummer that it didn't seem to make a difference. But I wasn't about to take it all apart again.


For the other posts on this project: here, here, and here. I know, four posts for a relatively small project like reupholstering stools is a little excessive. But it was my first time and I ran into lots of glitches and set-backs. Which seems to be how most of my projects go. Haha.

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