Tuesday, August 23, 2011

House Updates

IKEA - how do I love you? Let me count the ways. *sigh*
The shelves are from (you guessed it!) IKEA and are perfect for keeping things out of Jason's reach. For a while anyway. (At his last appointment, he was almost 3' tall!) The plant trailing above the window is being held up by tiny, clear COMMAND hooks. But riddle me this: What good does having clear hooks do, when the tape underneath the hooks is white?? The cords under the window are also being guided by the same clear/white hooks.
The furniture placement in this photo is completely different now. We have a half wall that overlooks a front room downstairs, and the smaller couch was up against that half wall before. But when Jason started climbing on the couches w/o assistance (dangerous!), it was time to move that couch away from the half wall.
So now there are no couches against the half wall, and the small couch is where the big couch was, dividing the living room from the kitchen.
The big couch is now under that window and the IKEA white storage thing is now where that storage ottoman was. (The IKEA thing had to be turned around to face the wall though, so Jason can't open it - it stores games and puzzles and the like, and Jason loved to get in there and scatter game pieces, bend all the cards in every deck, and tear or suck on paper instructions.)
And the ottoman got moved to the other side of the tv stand.
It took a while to figure out this arrangement, but I like it better than the old one. Who'da thunk?

And in keeping w/ my love of green, white, and purple:
Wall art from BYU's floral/gift shop. A friend of mine diy'ed
some w/ a super fat, pink Sharpie. They rock. Next time...

These are from Target. Goodbye tan and red plaid curtains!!
 p.s. All these changes happened a long time ago, I'm just now getting around to putting up pictures. 


Baby Sister said...

Cute!! I love the green flower blocks. :)

Marie said...

Looks great! Now I want to change-up my house!

Sterling and Michelle said...

Very cute. It's so fun redecorating.