Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old & Improved Coffee Table

It's funny how having a party or even a little company makes you want to finish a project. Or in my case, start one several and hope to finish before people come over. I semi-recently realized that since our house has lots of browns (brown couches, brown tv stand, brown ottoman, tan carpet, tan walls) white furniture would make some great POPs big enough to even-out all the dark. (Side note: one reason we bought this house was b/c there was so much light - lots of windows, white walls, white appliances. But then we bought dark furniture, and painted the walls tan...)
Anyway, we've added white shelves (IKEA) and white was already one of the accent colors, but it took me forever to realize that a white coffee table is what I wanted. So, my options: buy one from IKEA (a 40 min drive from our house... with a grabby-grabby, hates-being-confined toddler) or paint the one we already have. Spray paint? Yes, please!
I used Rust-Oleum's Universal spray paint in white. Took me 3 cans, lots of coats, and a few days. Although, I'm sure that for those expert crafty spray painters out there, like Brooke from All Things Thrifty or Sheri & John from Young House Love, it'd be 1 can, 1 coat, and 1 day = perfection. This table = not perfection, but I still love the results. Makes me happy every time I walk by and think about how it used to look.
Can you see the glass-covered wicker? Or the gold trim
that the glass is resting on? Classy.
I sanded and then cleaned every nook and cranny before starting. I also tipped it on its side so the glass would come out. I lugged it out to the garage, laid out a few pieces of broken-down boxes and newspaper, and began spraying. Weather conditions were not ideal, though. The can says to spray when temperatures are above 50, and humidity is ... I can't remember. But the temp's were just below 50 and the humidity was unusually high for Utah (it had been raining, and continued to rain during this whole project. Thus, the garage instead of out on the driveway). I was sooo unsure if all the coats would dry in time. But I think they did. Yay!
The wicker and the gold are now white. And I discovered that the glass was actually tinted glass. I haven't decided how I feel about it, but I kinda think it makes it more unique and gives it a cool little somethin' somethin'.
Ahhh, no more gold :)


Egbert Family said...

Wow that looks great. I remember growing up with that cofee table, it looks really good. Great job!

Baby Sister said...

That looks much better.

BTW, those rain boots at Target that you told me about? I totally bought them. :) Thanks!!

Patti said...

I love to make old things new. It feels so good. It looks good!

Heather and Jake said...

Great job, I'm impressed! I've never really made over an old piece of furniture, but I need to follow in your footsteps and do it!

On another note, we should go to the zoo soon! I have a pass, so you and Jason can get in for free. Cami loves to go ANYtime. :) Just let me know when would be good for you. We could go when it opens at 9:30 and then stop by and see President Wirthlin.