Thursday, January 27, 2011

A few of my favorites

The many cute faces of Jason. 


I should explain this bottom, middle picture: Jason had recently been introduced to Goldfish, and he, of course, LOVED them. So I decided, instead of Puffs as an appetizer while I made his lunch oatmeal, I'd give him Goldfish. I put a small handful on his tray. A few moments later when I looked back at his tray to see how he was coming, they were all gone! I quickly glanced at the floor - not there either. Hmmm... He had shoved ALL of them in his mouth, one right after another. He couldn't chew them all, so they broke down on their own and were oozing out of his mouth. :) Quite unexpected. Now I'm more judicious w/ how many I give him at a time.


Egbert Family said...

I love Jason. I'm glad i'm not the only mom in the world that gets the camera and takes a picture before saving her kids.

Karisha Browning said...

I love those gate pictures. That is too cute!